Get your own online store brand with a ShopSnap White Label Partnership

We build bespoke versions of ShopSnap that are integrated into your ecosystem.

How would having a store that is already connected to your payment gateway or 3PL system change your business?

What do all of your customers have in common? They all use an online store to sell their products.

ShopSnap is the world’s first turn-key white label ecommerce platform, designed to increase your sales.

We make it possible for your customers to run to their online business under your brand.

How much do your customers spend on their online store? What if you could bundle their store into your bill?

How would that change your revenue?

Will it double? Or even triple?

Partnering with ShopSnap means we take care of everything: Setup, integration, hosting and support. We even give you an automated demo system, so your customers can sample before they buy.

Stop falling behind!

With your personal online store brand you will

Increase Your Bottom Line

Add a new revenue stream from your new and existing customers.

Create brand loyalty

Customers that host their business with you are customers for life.

Bill bundling for your customers

Bill bundling is powerful for customer retention. Your customers love convenience. Your Customers will love using your business for all their E-Commerce Needs!

Let your customers market you!

Your logo at the bottom of every store creates exposure that is far greater then what your marketing efforts can achieve. Your customer's customers will become your customers as well!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Any white label product enables you to sell it as if it was your own. When you sell a ShopSnap e-commerce online store to your customers your store is branded as your company and has your logo and website on it. Your customers are billed by you and while ShopSnap still manages the support to your customers we do so under your brand. Your customers are not aware their online store is managed by your vendor.

ShopSnap is an e-commerce company. At the core of our business, we provide online stores to our customers. If your company is a merchant acquirer or a logistics company online stores for your customers complete their online selling needs and while other online store providers have their own ecosystem of merchant accounts and logistics if your customer is using another brand’s online store, they might decide to move their rest of their business elsewhere. Some brands such as Shopify even charge them a per transaction penalty to use your services. This might incentivize them to cancel your service!

No. Your customers are your own and only you can contact them. We only respond to your customers when they open a support ticket and we only help to solve their issue. No other contact is made and your customer list is never used for anything but billing.

As a white label partner, the version you provide to your customers is customized to your ecosystem. This means that if you sell merchant accounts, your version will be set up with integration so that the store will only allow connection to your merchant account. This means that customers that host their online store using our partnership are unable to cancel your merchant account and still keep their store. This increases the churn – the amount of time customers stay with your company before they cancel their recurring revenue subscriptions - significantly. It is far cheaper to keep your existing customers then to acquire new ones!

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