How To Start Selling Online With ShopSnap

Get started by reading our frequently asked questions for online shopping in 2024


Our 4 Step Guid to Selling Online in 2024


Domain Name

Secure a domain name for your business.


Online Store

Activate a new ShopSnap online store.


Merchant Account

Ask us for a merchant account from one of our preferred partners.


Marketing Plan

Establish a marketing plan for both paid and organic traffic using paid ads, content marketing and outreach programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Selling online is a great way to supplement your income and create a new revenue stream. Imagine an online store working to generate sales for you 24 hours a day. Even when you sleep! If you decided to start your own online business the first thing you will need is a domain name.

Your domain name is what customers will see when they search for your products on any search engine.

The second thing you will need is an online store. While most online store providers charge hundreds of dollars to use their platforms at ShopSnap we believe that entrepreneurs are the backbone of our economy and are happy to help you get started for free. We love our customers and hope that once your business grow you will keep your online store with us.

The third thing you need is the ability to charge your customer’s credit card. This means you need a merchant account. While ShopSnap doesn’t sell merchant accounts we work with preferred partners that provide them and once you set up a shopsnap store we will recommend a merchant account provider and help you connect their gateway to your store. ShopSnap stores come equipped with multiple gateways including Authorize.net, PayPal and more.

Simply fill out the New Store Form on ShopSnap’s main page. We will than set up a phone call with you to personally help you get started. After we verify a few details we will send you an email containing a link to activate your store. You will then create an admin password and our support team will help you upload a few products.

Once your store is ready to make sales we will enable your domain name.

We invest heavily in SEO and as a result ShopSnap stores are highly ranked on search engines. To take full advantage of your ShopSnap store SEO capabilities you should want to keep your product reviews fresh by asking your customers to post reviews and add posts on the store’s blog at least twice per week.

Taking advantage of Your store’s internal CMS (Content Management System) is also recommended. You can create hundreds of pages containing text and image and link them together to allow search engines to show them in search results.

Nothing to start. Standard ShopSnap stores are free for the first year. After that you can choose from one of our packages.

Enterprise stores are priced individually according to transaction and visitor volume.

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